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Gymnasts need no previous experience.  Gymnasts will work each week on forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, front limbers, backbend kickovers, back handsprings, and cartwheels.

Gymnasts must be accompanied by their parent or guardian to attend this class.  In this class, the instructor intends to establish C.I.T.T. as a place of adventure and fun.  Our instructors will make this class so delightful that your adorable little one will not even realize he/she is learning safety rules for the tumbl-trak and trampoline, strengthening their little bodies, and learning the basics of tumbling.  Bring Grandma and Grandpa along so they may also enjoy their grandchildren’s giggles and squeals. 

Gymnasts must be able to perform a back handspring series (2 or more).  Gymnasts will cover all of the skills taught in I, II, and III.  At this level, there is an added emphasis on performing back aerial somersaults on the rod floor, and backs in the whip, pike, and straight positions.  When the proper straight body position is achieved, twisting will be introduced. TUMBLING FOR BOYS—Gymnasts will work on conditioning, flexibility, and strength.  All of these will lead to a stronger more athletic frame for those enrolled.  In addition, this workout will enhance athletic performance in ALL sports.  Give your son the additional edge that tumbling has to offer. 



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Gymnasts must be able to perform a backbend and pull-up.  Gymnasts will cover all of the skills taught in I with the addition of back limbers, front walkovers, back walkovers, and round-offs.  At this level, there is an added emphasis on performing back handsprings on the tumbl-trak and back aerial  somersaults will be introduced.

Gymnasts learn to wave “good-bye” to their parents/guardians in this class.  Parents/guardians will cherish watching their little ones... smile as Elizabeth teaches them the safety rules of the tumbl-trak, trampoline, and the gym; count with Marquis as he has them begin to learn to “condition”; and... follow Jon’s directions as they walk, march, gallop, run, hop, skip, jump, and “fly” through the gym.  These little gymnasts will, also, be learning forward and  backward rolls, bridges, handstands, bridge kickovers, back handsprings, and cartwheels.  Parents/guardians feel free to “applaud” C.I.T.T.’s little “Hot Tot ” gymnasts at anytime.

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