Central Illinois Tumbling & Trampoline

Building champions...   with Character.

At C.I.T.T., the coaches breathe, eat, and sleep tumbling and trampoline. It is their life’s passion!!! Through training with our experienced coaching staff... they have WELL over 75 years of coaching between them... Our coaching staff truly cherishes each one of their students!!! The coaches are STILL just as thrilled about a Mighty-Mini finding their feet on a forward roll as they are about an athlete finding their feet on a double back. How could you not cherish each SPIRITED little child that enters your gym with their own unique, budding little self??? This gym is NOT a “department store”. It is more of a “specialty boutique”!!! Our coaches know how to condition and strengthen the body, and they know proper body alignment and technique. They will NEVER allow a student to “throw” a skill simply to have done it. These students and athletes are too precious!!! Our coaches do not want an athlete to pay for poor technique later in life.

Central Illinois Tumbling and Trampoline
1109 Broadway Street, Pekin, IL 61554
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Instead, our coaches teach these young children and athletes to treat their bodies like a shrine. After all, they must live in them always. So, if it takes an athlete another two months to get a skill...but get it correctly...Isn’t it worth the wait??? Parents/Guardians...Be Choosy...Ask The Right Questions...C.I.T.T. has the Correct Answers!!! C.I.T.T’s Coaching Staff is Committed to Building Healthy, Strong, Flexible Bodies and Kind Children Filled with Personal Self-Confidence, Satisfaction, and Motivation!!! Come View our Team as they Work Out. Attend a FREE Week of Classes, and ... Begin to Understand the C.I.T.T. Difference!!! C.I.T.T. IS DIFFERENT... C.I.T.T. IS SPECIAL!!! 

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